Terms and Conditions

1. The member must accumulate a minimum of 200 points to be eligible for redemption of reward points. However, the accumulation of points is subject to the program rules.

2. The Rewards structure is subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at the Company's discretion, with or without notice. Connect Broadband reserves it’s Right to change, limit or modify wholly or in part this program by another program or cancel the reward program, rewards and reward level at any time with or without notice to the member customers, even though such changes may affect the value of points or ability obtain certain rewards.

3. Connect Broadband computation of reward points shall be final, conclusive and binding on all members and is not liable to be disputed before any authority.

4. A member cannot transfer or gift any points to another person or another account and or receive any points as a gift or transfer from other account.

5. Customer must remain active in the Rewards Programs to retain Points they accumulate and maintain the active status for 12 months, If the customer is not active for stipulated period and or downgrades/reduce its plan after upgrading or de-activates it VAS before 90 days of activation, in that event all accumulated or earned reward points will be forfeited and once the points have been forfeited cannot be reinstated.

6. Reward Points are valid only for 12 months from the date of accumulation. For e.g. If you have received reward points on 23rd Oct 2015, then the same will expire on 22nd Oct 2016 subject to member should be active for 12 consecutive months. The member may redeem award within period otherwise terminate the reward subsequent to this period or end of twelfth month.

7. Fulfillment of redemption request against products and services featured in Reward Catalogue are subject to availability of product or services at the time of redemption.

8. Points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for any goods or services other than mentioned in Product catalogue. Points cannot be shared, combined with or transferred to another member.

9. IF Customer do not agree with the terms and conditions of this reward program and privacy policy, INCLUDING CHANGES THERETO, OR ANY GUIDELINES OR RULES POSTED, in that event customer has liberty to not to choose or use THE PROGRAM.

10. Member shall maintain the strict confidentiality of their login details for the Connect Broadband reward program & Website and is responsible for any activity under their account. It is sole responsibility of member/customer to control the dissemination and use of your password and control access to and use of your account. Connect Broadband is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever cause due to failure to comply with this provision by the customer/member and customer shall not claim for the same.

11. Connect Broadband has its sole discretion to alter the Reward Reward Points from time to time required for redemption of any reward.

12. Connect Broadband reserves the right to introduce new products/services for redemption and replace the existing products at any point of time without prior intimation to the member.

13. A record of Connect Reward Rewards activity for each relationship will be sent through e-mail (electronically in the form of a statement to the Connect Reward Rewards Relationship-holder regular basis, to those who have provided their email id to Connect Broadband).

14. A Connect Broadband Reward member can access the transactions for the last three months online at http://connectzone.in/

15. It is mandatory to all members to confirm and accept the terms and conditions herein contained and or any riders shall be imposed by company at the point of time if required and after acceptance of terms and conditions will allow the member to participate in Connect Rewards program.

16. The data shared by the customer will not be shared with any third party vendor / manufacturer. The customers data will not be misused or marketed outside of Connect Broadband and will not be sent outside Connect broadband records for any purpose without explicit permission from the customer. The personal information of customer shall not be disclosed to any third party, except as described in this policy.

17. By participating in the reward program, Member/customer agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless connect broadband and their respective agents, directors, officers, and employees from all claims or damages arising out of any use or misuse of the reward program by Member.

18. The connect broadband has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules, and all questions or disputes regarding these Program Rules will be resolved by the Company in its sole discretion. The decision of connect broadband shall be binding on all matters concerning the reward program. Neither the program nor any Benefit and Privileges offered in connection with the reward program shall create, constitute or give rise to any legal or contractual rights in favor of the Members against connect broadband or its agent, director and officers.

Disclaimer:- Issuance of accumulation of point under reward program is at the sole discretion of Connect Broadband. All features and benefits are subject to Terms and Conditions.


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